Vaporising presents a healthy alternative to smoking Cannabis by administering the active ingredients in vapour. Hot air (convection) or hot plates (conduction) are used to turn the trichomes (resin glands containing psychoactive compounds) into vapour, letting you inhale 95-100% pure cannabinoids. Vaporisers are calibrated at a temperature of 180º-220ºC (356º-428ºF), which is the melting point for the trichomes. This is called “aromatherapy,” as it is also the process by which chest colds are treated with kitchen herbs in a bowl of boiling water. In fact, many kitchen herbs can be vaporised with Cannabis (no more than three in combination) such as chamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint or lemongrass. For more information and temperature charts for aromatherapy, check out the many related sites on the Internet. Vaporisers are a smoke-free alternative that produce a clear, uplifting high without the heavy body “stone” usually brought about by smoking bongs or using the Indica family of Cannabis.

Medical patients definitely benefit from smoke-free therapy and the amount of THC and other cannabinoids that are released is several times purer than the effects from smoking. Medicinal users save money as well as protecting their respiratory system, with the added benefit of the ability to regulate dosage. Most users, recreational or otherwise, notice an awakening and refreshing high with added sharpness of colour and a general heightening of the senses, although as with any drug use, vaporising Cannabis should be done in moderation. After using the machine, the heightened sensitivity in the body tends to lead to a “cheap date” syndrome, in which drugs consumed afterwards are often felt immediately and experienced as considerably stronger. This includes recreational as well as prescription drugs, plus legal substances such as caffeine, nicotine and especially alcohol (we do not recommend consuming alcohol soon after vaporising!).

Recreational and medicinal patients must be aware of the strength of vaporised Cannabis. Please keep in mind that if you feel “high” or “stoned” after using Cannabis, an actual medical overdose has occurred. A proper medicinal dosage of the plant in a vaporiser is a much smaller amount than for recreational users. If too much vapour (or smoke) has been consumed, a large dose of sugar will help the body’s levels regulate, but this situation can be avoided by having a meal before vaporising (or smoking). For many people the flavour from a vaporiser is the ultimate taste experience, offering a purer taste than possible with combustion. Many coffeeshops offer free use of various vaporisers, and around the world sales have increased dramatically over the past few years.