Cannabis College Trainings

Coffeeshop staff training usually requires a minimum of 6 people and can comfortably fit up to 20 in each session.

This training is designed for coffeeshop staff.

The cost of this service is 50€ per person.

In case you don’t work for a coffeeshop, but you are interested in this training, we can arrange private sessions.

A brief outline:

  • Law in the Netherlands
  • Plant intro
  • Cannabinoids
  • Medical Applications
  • Different methods of use
  • Extraction methods
  • Contaminations
  • Suggestions

All training sessions include free information handouts, refreshments, and a vaping session.

We can also adjust the information to suit your individual needs and requirements, please just let us know if you would like additional information by contacting us or check our calendar for other classes and courses.