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Some nations prohibit the growing of cannabis plants for industrial, recreational and medicinal use. Principally, the Amsterdam Cannabis College believes that the qualities of Cannabis have unquestionably and repeatedly been proven, and is more important than any unclear local legislation. The Amsterdam Cannabis College upholds an obligation under universal law to help inform people about these qualities. However, this sometimes creates a situation of conflict between local law, international law and moral obligation. The Amsterdam Cannabis College will not violate or interfere with the legislation of any country that forbids the openly discussing and learning about the Cannabis plant.

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There are an increasing number of places around the world where cannabis can now legally be grown. However, in some countries it is prohibited to cultivate cannabis from the moment of germinating the seeds. The Cannabis College does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. We strongly advise our subscribers to inform themselves about the local applicable laws that they are subject to before beginning to grow cannabis. Subscribers to our course are responsible for their own actions in the future.

So, for people who live in an area where it is now legal, we hope that the information provided can be of use to you. For those where local laws forbid the germination of cannabis seeds, then this information is purely for entertainment purposes.

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