Our Mission

Our non-profit foundation, Cannabis College Amsterdam, teaches and advises the public from the centre of a worldwide debate. Although we are not an academic college, our name was chosen to promote self-education and convey our goal of providing information. However, you can get a diploma from the Cannabis College by completing our online quiz and answering 90% or more of the questions correctly!

A place of learning in the heart of Amsterdam

The goal of the Cannabis College Amsterdam is to provide you with accurate, objective information about the Cannabis sativa L. plant.

The Cannabis College is located on the bottom two floors of a 17th Century canal house, itself a registered monument in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Admission is free and all are welcome here, whether or not you are a cannabis user. Recreational users are taught how to spot and avoid dangerous chemicals sprayed on cannabis, for example, while medicinal users can learn how to use the vaporiser instead of smoking.

Cannabis education is the key

Our team gladly help our visitors to educate themselves and spread truthful information to their friends, their parents and their children’s children. With many new developments in the medical world, social and industrial advances, and a constant fresh wave of politicians on the horizon, we feel it is our duty to provide you with the information you need. The time has come to update global knowledge, surely our best defense against the War on Drugs

Cannabis Activism

Activism is one of the most important responsibilities of the Cannabis College. Areas in which we are active include medicinal cannabis, policy reform, Cannabis legalisation and much more. We are involved in supporting the organic cultivation community by growing both medical and recreational products. As well as distributing our free information on all aspects of Cannabis and hemp, we can put you in touch with many activist and advocacy groups in your country or area.

The College promotes activism and strives to provide an open venue in which to host private and public gatherings. In the past this has included special coffeeshop staff training sessions, medical lectures for those in the public health sector, cannabis strain release parties, poetry readings and film premieres, university lectures and even vaporising parties. We also attempt to maintain a visual presence in the community through attending legalisation rallies and public demonstrations, court cases, and of course Cannabis festivals and competitions.

Please contact us if you are interested in holding your meeting or training session at the College. The space may be reserved for events during or after business hours and special group rates are available. If you are organising a hemp or cannabis event that you would like the Cannabis College to be involved with, please also contact us to discuss this.

Cannabis Events, Demos & Marches

The Cannabis College is proud to send an enthusiastic group of volunteers to events throughout the city including legalisation marches, political and medical demonstrations and recreational or cultural smoking competitions. Some are more well-known such as the Cannabis Cup and ‘Cannabis Liberation Day’, but the College also wishes to do its part to publicise events like the Dutch ‘Tour de Achterdeur’ and the German Hanf Parade.

Hemp Activism

Industrial hemp is a prolific crop, able to produce most of the goods typically made from cotton, wood, paper, plastic, and other petrochemicals. In order to assure that hemp plastic furniture and musical instruments, hemp fabric upholstery and clothing, plus building materials and more will all be kept in production, someone has to do a great deal of lobbying and campaigning. On the following pages you will find out more about exactly who is doing what in the hemp activist field and how you can get involved.

Medicinal Cannabis Activism

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, recreational user or just plain concerned citizen it is important that you become aware of the large amounts of effort within the medical and activist communities dedicated to creating medical Cannabis groups. These organisations aim to protect the interests of the patient, not people looking to score free weed or those seeking protection from the police relating to grow room or possession charges. The medical communities outlined in the Links section of our site will hopefully educate you as to exactly how much work is being done to keep patients supplied with their medicine, shield them from possession charges and jail time; some are even involved with quality control throughout the cultivation process in order to provide the patients with clean products and also to educate the growers themselves.

Policy Reform

Policy reform is not necessarily limited to politicians. Currently people are getting more involved in the effort to legalise or at least decriminalise cannabis use and possession around the world. The good news is that many groups have already formed with the goal of policy change in mind, and we hope to help introduce prospective activists to organisations and political platforms in their home area. Within these pages you will become familiar with the groups through which you can gain more say in your own local laws.