In 2011 the College underwent renovations in order to transform the premises into a more open environment. This change allowed us to open a library area where visitors are encouraged to browse through our selection of literature and digital media all about the plant Cannabis Sativa L. From general reference (guides) to in-depth cultivation, medical, health, culture, industrial and legal books Of course not to forget, enough entertaining literature and cannabis/hemp related magazines.

We offer an assortment of topics from cultivation and botany to industrial and medicinal uses, in a variety of formats from books and magazines to digital media. Although the majority of our information is in English, the library also contains literature in Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian and even a small selection in Japanese, Hebrew, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian. Some of our books are rare and now out of print; if you are searching for a particular elusive tome, feel free to contact us to ask if it is part of our collection.

Our aim is to be able to provide resources to all visitors in search of knowledge about the Cannabis plant, in all levels of detail. Whether you just want to chill out and relax with a documentary about growing weed or find out what the latest clinical studies on Cannabis say, we will try to provide it as best we can.

Since April 4th, 2011, the official reopening of the Cannabis College, our library has provided for tens of thousands of visitors from all over the globe. We hope that someday you will join us in the library too.

If you have a book or other cannabis or hemp related media that you would like to donate to the Cannabis College Library, please get in touch to discuss this with us!