9 Facts about Cannabis in Amsterdam

Since our doors opened in 1998, our goal has been to freely provide visitors with accurate and unbiased information about the Cannabis plant to help you form your own opinion about this fascinating plant. In this article, we cover our top 9 Cannabis facts relevant to enjoying Cannabis in the Netherlands’ capital city of Amsterdam.

#1 Cannabis is NOT legal

The Netherlands’ government took a tolerant stance towards the use of soft drugs in the 19070s (known as the ‘Gedoogdbeleid‘) which is why Cannabis is available in coffeeshops today. The plant has however never been fully legalised.

#2 Only coffeeshop can sell Cannabis

Only licensed coffeeshops have the right to sell small amounts of Cannabis (5 grams max.) to people above the age of 18. Read more about visiting coffeeshops in Amsterdam here.

#3 Smoking on the street

Smoking Cannabis in Amsterdam streets is illegal. Straight and simple.

#4 Cannabis cultivation

It is tolerated for Dutch residents to cultivate up to 5 plants outdoors for personal use. However, these plants can be taken away by the police if a complaint is made. Cultivating Cannabis for commercial ends is fully illegal.

#5 Cannabis use lowers your sugar levels

When THC enters the bloodstream, it lowers the sugar levels. This can lead to feelings of nausea, cold sweats, and fainting spells. If these symptom occur, just have something sweet to drink. A not of caution: this does not work with edibles.

#6 Cannabis land races are near impossible to find

Cannabis land races are rarely, if ever, available in coffeeshops. Most are hybrids. To ensure you have a pleasant experience, ask about the genetics of the strain you are interested in to the budtender.

#7 There is no Cannabis quality control

Since Cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, there is no quality control over what is sold in a coffeeshop. Be critical with regards to the quality of what is presented to you.

#8 Coffeeshop etiquette

It is seen as rude for someone to sit down in a coffeeshop and start rolling a joint without purchasing anything first. Most coffeeshops will tolerate you using your own Cannabis on their premises as long as you buy a drink.

#9 Avoid pre-rolled joints

Though some coffeeshops sell excellent pre-rolled joints, it is impossible for you know what has been put inside it both in terms of quality, and quantity. You are far better off selecting the Cannabis variety you want and rolling a joint yourself, or asking someone to roll one for you.

Different Cannabis strains have different effects on the body. This is important to understand in order to use the plant safely and effectively.