5 Top Tips to Using Cannabis

We believe cannabis can improve your life when used properly. Here are our 5 top tips to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Tip #1 Mood enhancement

THC, one of the active ingredients in cannabis, is a mood enhancer. Make sure you are in a mood that you wish to make more intense. It is otherwise best to refrain from using cannabis products. Drug use is a personal choice and should never be influenced by another person’s opinion.

Tip #2 Blood sugar levels

Smoking joints, eating space cake or using a vaporiser will lower the amount of sugar in your blood which can lead to nausea, ringing ears, and sweating. If this occurs please drink some sugar water or juice, or have some fruit or something sweet (avoid caffeine). Fresh air usually helps and so does a good meal, but panicking will not!

Unfortunately, someone who has consumed too many “space” products, i.e. eaten or drunk products containing THC, will notice no relief from sugar water, as the metabolised cannabinoids are unaffected by sugar. Please allow 20 minutes to two hours for a space product to start working. If the cake is larger try eating half at first and wait at least two hours before consuming more cannabis in any form.

Tip #3 Cannabis & alcohol

Please use caution when combining cannabis and alcohol. Smoking a joint can make alcoholic drinks feel many times stronger!

Tip #4 Go organic

All cannabis users (but especially medicinal users) should make sure, insofar as is possible, to consume only organically grown products (no chemical nutrients or pesticides).

Tip #5 Chill, take a break

Regular consumers of cannabis are encouraged to take frequent breaks from their habit, especially from smoking. Detoxification takes different amounts of time for different people, leaving the system over a period relative to the amount normally consumed. Remember, smoke less, enjoy more!

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Top Tip

Allow 20 minutes to two hours for a space product to start working.

Frequently asked questions

Is Cannabis an addictive substance?

Cannabis is not physically addictive but can create a psychological addiction. “…any habit that satisfies a need or desire, whether related to a drug or not, can be described as a psychological dependency.” Lester Grinspoon, MD.

Does Cannabis consumption kill brain cells?

Despite extensive research in this area, there has been no correlation found between Cannabis use and abnormal death of brain cells. Research continues but there is little reason to believe any connection will be discovered.

Is Cannabis a stepping stone to harder drugs?

The facts indicate this to be a blatant falsehood. Any correlation between Cannabis use and hard drug use can be linked to governmental policies that place cannabis in the same underground market as hard drugs like cocaine, and heroin.

Does Cannabis smoking lead to lung cancer?

A study has shown that Cannabis tar contains a 50% higher concentration of hydrocarbons – a chemical linked to lung cancer – compared with tobacco. Even so, the study of more than 2,000 people with differing smoking habits found no correlation between Cannabis smoking and lung, head, or neck cancer.