The Amsterdam Cannabis College visits MardiGrass

The Amsterdam Cannabis College is very proud to have been invited by our friends at the Hemp Embassy Nimbin to join in their 2019 MardiGrass Hemposium in Nimbin, Australia. College representative Charly Bedrossian was honoured to represent us and gave a very interesting presentation on how to reach higher quality standards in the Cannabis Industry.

About the Nimbin Hemp Embassy

The Nimbin Hemp Embassy in a non-profit association incorporated under the name Nimbin Hemp and established in 1992. The Embassy’s objectives are cannabis law reform through educating the community about hemp products and cannabis, and promoting a more tolerant and compassionate attitude to people in general.


The Nimbin Hemp Embassy, established in 1992, actively advocates the reintegration of the hemp plant into people’s lives.

In the 1930s hemp was thrust aside in the rush to embrace the emerging synthetics industry, and in the desire to overtake the old hemp industry altogether, they threw out the baby with the bathwater with a deluge of negative publicity. After the failed experiment in alcohol prohibition, the movement was left with the prohibition of other drugs as a consolation prize, and which also just happened to allow a small group of pharmaceutical companies to gain a monopoly on medical drug production and pricing.

The HEMP Embassy runs an information centre/paraphernalia shop in Nimbin all year round to fund our protest against Cannabis laws. This is staffed by volunteers who live locally, or are on an extended visit.


The Hemp Embassy is constantly adding to an already large and definitive reference library on a range of issues such as: industrial hemp, medicinal usage, and law reform issues. The Hemp Embassy provides visitors and researchers a variety of resources via books, an extensive media library, a news clipping collection and via the Hemp Embassy website.

Medicinal Cannabis

The Embassy runs regular workshops on medicinal cannabis, featuring doctors, politicians, medical cannabis patients and medicine makers. MardiGrass has organized visits of leading medical cannabis experts and advocates over the years including Dr Bob Melamede from Colorado in 2009 and 2010 , Dr David Bearman from California in 2015, and Dennis Peron, leading Californian politician and medical cannabis activist in 1999.

Nimbin MardiGrass

The Nimbin Hemp Embassy sponsors the annual Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Rally. MardiGrass is one of the best organised and most peaceful protestivals in Australia. The event features an international conference, The Hemposium, which provides cutting edge information on industrial hemp, medicinal cannabis, and drug law reform. MardiGrass is a major boost to the local economy and a huge drawcard for Australian and international tourists.

Every year, on the first weekend in May, The Hemp Embassy nimbin organises the Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Rally. To do this takes lots of work and volunteers from all over the world come to help make MardiGrass possible. It is fantastic to see.

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The Nimbin Hemp Embassy.

Image credit: Sheba_Also 43,000 photos, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Outstanding presentation! This is a very detailed, very informative and very well made speech and it should be shared and broadcasted to a bigger audience. I’m originally from France but lives in Brussels so I have the chance to go to the Netherlands often (love your country for many reasons btw). I always wanted to understand how things work in Holland in regards to the cannabis market and have more insights about the Dutch law policy. Thanks to you, all my questions are now answered. I will definitely stop by the Cannabis College Amsterdam to come say hi and ask a few more questions 😉

– Lucky1757

Frequently asked questions

Is Cannabis an addictive substance?

Cannabis is not physically addictive but can create a psychological addiction. “…any habit that satisfies a need or desire, whether related to a drug or not, can be described as a psychological dependency.” Lester Grinspoon, MD.

Does Cannabis consumption kill brain cells?

Despite extensive research in this area, there has been no correlation found between Cannabis use and abnormal death of brain cells. Research continues but there is little reason to believe any connection will be discovered.

Is Cannabis a stepping stone to harder drugs?

The facts indicate this to be a blatant falsehood. Any correlation between Cannabis use and hard drug use can be linked to governmental policies that place cannabis in the same underground market as hard drugs like cocaine, and heroin.

Does Cannabis smoking lead to lung cancer?

A study has shown that Cannabis tar contains a 50% higher concentration of hydrocarbons – a chemical linked to lung cancer – compared with tobacco. Even so, the study of more than 2,000 people with differing smoking habits found no correlation between Cannabis smoking and lung, head, or neck cancer.