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There is still a lot of confusion around the Cannabis plant, especially understanding the differences between Hemp, Weed ‘Ganja’ or Hashish. Since most confusion is the result of misinformation and lies told by prohibitionists for the past eight decades, we hope to combat this by spreading knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis plant.

So, besides daily classes and in-depth courses we have have an extensive open library in various languages touching all topics on the plant. You can find more detailed information about its genetic diversity, environmental impact, our guide to cannabis taxonomy, etc.

Our walls, tables and minds are filled with Cannabis related information. More historical information on our origins and motivations. Macro imagery, educational videos, publications, artwork, hemp products on display and touchable (fiber) samples. You can even take a closer look at the plant itself with a tour of our garden.

If you wish to test your knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis plant, try our fun quiz to see if you qualify for a Cannabis diploma! 😉

And of course, remember.. “We are a non-profit cannabis information centre. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask!”