Donate & Help the Cannabis College

The Cannabis College needs your support in order to continue educating the public about the prolific plant known as Cannabis sativa L. Stop criminalizing nature; help hemp heal the world!

Due to a lack of government funding in this area, the Cannabis College relies heavily upon outside sponsorship from a variety of sources. Corporate sponsors are encouraged to contact us in order to agree upon a mutually beneficial exchange regarding advertising via our informative fliers and website, creating special events and, naturally, displaying products and services at our location in Amsterdam.

Visitors are encouraged to donate, both online and in person. These donations are vital to help us cover the costs of electricity, printing, rent, and so on. Visitors who donate in person are rewarded by the opportunity to visit and photograph our beautiful organic Cannabis garden. The Cannabis College participates in and hosts a wide variety of cannabis special events. Group-visits and lectures may also be arranged in advance; please contact us for further details.

We are a nonprofit organization working in the cannabis industries, so isn’t easy to sustain our projects. All donations are welcome.

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